Welcome to Kwik'pak Fur!

What is Kwik'pak Fur?
We are the sole fur buyers and suppliers of Western Alaska. We focus a majority of our time on the lower Yukon River area, where we hold trapping seminars to teach locals how to catch, handle, and sell their fur. Once they've perfected the art of 'the catch' we buy their pelts. The goal is merely to get money into the hands of trappers and to continue to inspire locals to make a living doing traditional things they enjoy!

For Trappers
Are you new to trapping and want to learn how to catch a lynx, marten, or even a wolf or wolverine? Or are you already an experienced trapper looking to market and sell your fur? Either way, we want to hear from you!
If you are new to trapping feel free to call Jeff at (907)591-6465 to ask questions, learn tips and tricks, or purchase trapping supplies. To learn about different traps visit the 'Trapping Supplies' page above. To learn about how to skin different kinds of animals, and how to sell your pelts, visit the 'Fur Handling & Selling' page above.
If you are an experienced trapper, you can visit the Trapping Supplies page to learn how to charge traps to your account if you would like more supplies. We also ask that you visit the 'Fur Handling & Selling' page to see our specifications on how we would like you to skin your animals. To arrange a date for the fur buyer to come to your village please call Jeff or Dawn at (907)591-6465. If you would like to mail your fur and have a check sent to you in return, please call Jeff or Dawn for more information. With your mailed fur please include a the information state on your trapping license (license number, full name, address, birth date). You will also need to specify where your animals were caught, the date they were caught, and whether they were shot or trapped. All trapping licenses must be up-to-date. No expired licenses or hunting-only licenses will be accepted!!

For Fur Sewers
Whether you are new to fur sewing or an experience stitch-maker, Kwik'pak Fur has an array of tanned furs to meet your needs. Visit our 'Tanned Furs' page above to find our collection of furs that we offer for sale. All of the furs you see on that page were trapped by our local trappers and tanned professionally to meet your sewing needs!
We are also working on a database of fur sewing crafts, tutorials, and information. Check back on our page often to keep updated with our newest fur selections and fur sewing projects and ideas.

For Kids
Did you know Kwik'pak Fur does kids activities too? We do! Visit our kids page to learn all about our activities. Each month we do giveaways for children who enter our Kwik'pak Fur competitions. We also have lots of fun activities for kids, ideas for parents and schools, and 'trapping and fur sewing' lessons just for children. We also like to invite any children who want to attend our fur buying appearances in their village to come and see what we do, feel the pelts, and learn about all of the different furs we receive.